Saturday, June 21, 2014

Journalism Workshop 2014 Edition


Please post the following information in order for your classmates to locate your blogs and tweets:
Your blog address
Your Twitter name
Include your name when you post this information in order for us to identify you. No anonymous postings will be allowed. To maintain privacy, just post your first and last names. No other personal information is necessary.

Tweet immediately after class session and during lunch. At night, just before going to sleep, post your observations about each day's events at the workshop before going to bed. Your first blog post should indicate how your found out about this workshop and your thoughts about the first day.

You should follow this blog ( and the blogs of each member of this class. The person with the most followers will receive a special award.

Your final tweet and blog postings should be made Wednesday morning -- including a thank-you message to our sponsors (to the staff of The Herald-Dispatch, Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation and Marshal University's Division of Multicultural Affairs).

-- Workshop Staff


Chris Crank said...

Christopher Crank:
twitter - @chriscrank96
blog -

Evan Blackwood said...

Evan Marshall Blackwood:
Twitter- @evan_blackwood

Alaina Thornburg said...

Alaina Thornburg
twitter: @AlainaT7

Madison Birchfield said...

Madison Birchfield

burnbright said...


Darla Harrison said...

name: Darla Harrison
twitter: @darlaharrison00

Darla Harrison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
burnbright said...

Savannah Falls
Twitter: @burnbright14

burnbright said...

Savannah Falls
Twitter: @burnbright14

Emmalina Adkins said...

Emmmalina Adkins @emmiadkins Emmi's J school Experience

Jana El-Khatib said...

Jana El-Khatib

Dani Bryant said...

Danielle Bryant

Twitter: @think_dani


Bethany McFerrin said...

Bethany McFerrin

Twitter- @newsonwheels9


Darla Harrison said...

Darla Harrison
My Blog:
My Twitter: darlaharrison00

Jacob Reed said...

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