Tuesday, January 14, 2014

JMC 455-555

Please post your blog info here:


malcolm scott said...


WarrPat93 said...

I have found a very interesting blog by a man named Jason Kottke. The blog is kottke.org. In his website, he doesn't have one thing that all his blogs are based around. His blogs are all very different, in their own way, very interesting and enjoyable. I think everyone in our class will find something that they can appreciate watching or reading.

Derek May said...


Jessica Ramey said...

An interesting blog that I would like to share is Michael Hyatt's blog. I recently read one of his books and found it to be very useful. No matter the path you are taking in life, you can adapt his ideals and plans for your goals.


Here is the link to my blog for the class!


PaulinaGayle said...

My favorite blog to follow is http://www.huffingtonpost.com/maureen-ryan/. While it's hosted on Huffington, it's much more like a blog post. I am a huge television fan and I love hearing other people's opinions about things such as this.

And this is my blog: http://paulinagayle.blogspot.com/

Dialuca Raibolt said...

I'm really not sure how this works so anyway I decided to make a new block called NewsNewsAndMoreDepamphilis. Also I really don't like signing in here with Google+. Anyway have a great day.


Miranda West said...

I think this is the blog I created, still not sure if I did it correctly.


malcolm scott said...


Nannie Cook said...

The blog I visit most is http://www.huffingtonpost.com/. My blog can be found at cook217.blogspot.com.


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