Sunday, August 25, 2013

Editing Students!

Submit your blogs and Twitter info here.


Samuel Speciale said...
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Samuel Speciale said...

Samuel Speciale

Twitter: Samuel_Speciale


Blog Subject: Chicago Bulls

Sealey_Sports said...

Hello Professor!

This is Courtney Sealey. I plan on writing a Sports blog, which will focus on Marshall Sports, but will also cover bigger issues in college sports as well.

My Twitter account is @Sealey_KSR. I will use this to post about my blog in this class and my internship blogging from too.

My blog website is

twolfe9586 said...

Tyler Wolfe

Twitter: twolfeRPA


Blog Subject: With the preseason for the NHL just around the corner, my blog will follow the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team and front office as the beginning of the 2013-2014 season gets underway.

Michelle Hogmire said...

Michelle Hogmire

Twitter: @MHogmire


Blog Subject: I'm an English/Creative Writing major, so I plan on using my blog to discuss the latest news about writers and writing.

Taylor Michelle said...

Taylor Stuck

Twitter: @Taylor_Stuck


Blog Subject: Taking a different angle to the Pittsburgh Penguins by posting news and updates about the players and coaches on their way to the Winter Olympics.

Tom Green said...

Monty green
Twitter @districtsparrow
Blogspot districtsportsarrow
Subject: all dc sports teams coverage including usa soccer who plays in dc as well

Andrea Steele said...

Andrea Steele

Twitter: AndreaLou91


Blog Subject: Life in Huntington (events, the social scene, etc.)

Codi Mohr said...

Codi Mohr

Twitter: Codi_Mohr


Blog subject: FIlm

Advertisers Anonymous said...

Courtney Coberly

Twitter: @adanonblog


Blog Subject: Advertising News

Taylor Michelle said...

Taylor Stuck

I have changed my blog idea. I am going to cover the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Josephine Mendez said...

I have finalized my blog idea i did have one on music event at Marshall but I deleted that blog and decided to do one on residence life at Marshall.

twitter: @jozNnoz

Bishop Nash said...

This is my blog. Sorry for the late link.


Bishop Nash said...

My new Twitter account: @RedsRedsRedsJMC


Bishop Nash said...

My new Twitter account: @RedsRedsRedsJMC



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