Sunday, June 23, 2013

Journalism Workshop 2013

Workshop students.

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Ally Lawhon said...
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Ally Lawhon

gahs2014 said...

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Chantil Foster said...

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Heather said...

Heather Barker

Kylie Jo said...

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Cheyenne DeBolt said...

Day 2 Workshop

I am so glad I decided to attend the journalism workshop at Marshall. I've have enjoyed the sessions today. Dr. Arnold spoke to us again today about writing. He spoke to us on common mistakes made by professionals and how to avoid those common mistakes. Professor Hollis's session was great. His passion for journalism draws students into his lectures and makes them enjoyable. Dr. Bailey's session on Sports Writing was interesting. His session has me thinking about radio. Dr. Swindell's session on ethic captured the attention of the students. Today has been a great day and I'm excited to see how tomorrow's sessions will turn out!

Kylie Jo said...

Yesterday, I learned a lot about journalism. We started off with a session on photography with Professor Johnson. It was my favorite of the day because we got to take pictures outside and then came back to edit them on photoshop. Next, we had a lecture on writing and grammar from Dr. Arnold. I enjoyed it. Then Professor Hollis came back to teach us about law. He was very entertaining like he always is. Before dinner, Dr. Bailey taught us about sports broadcasting. This was my second favorite of the day because I love to report sports and I love watching sports. It is my favorite subject to write on. Lastly, we had a lecture on ethics with Dr. Swendell. He was very vivid with his descriptions of ethical situations and seemed to feel very strongly in what he believed in.

Ally Lawhon said...

I enjoyed every session. Although I have heard some of the presentations before, I learned new information the second time around. I particularly liked learning from Dr. Bailey because I was not extremely familiar with sports writing before his lecture. The photography session was useful as well. We had the opportunity to walk around the beautiful campus and learn more about the correct way to take a photo. It was fun using Photoshop and looking at all of the pictures of flowers and the fountain.

Heather said...

I enjoyed yesterday sessions very much. I liked Professor Dan Hollis's the most because he kept me entertained as well as taught me things I didn't already know. I also enjoyed Professor Rebecca Johnson's photography session. I liked that we actually went outside to take pictures. I've enjoyed the workshop very much so far and hope to continue to learn more new things.

Morgan Pratt said...

I had a blast yesterday. My favorite part was our photography session. She taught us so many little things that you normally do not think about while taking a picture. Dr. Arnold touched on grammar points that I have failed to think about for the past four years. Dr. Bailey allowed me to focus on the fact that I may have to report a football game later on it life even if I do not plan to go into sports broadcasting. Dr. Swindell had a captivating performance on ethics. Overall, I had a good case of the Mondays.

Courtney Buckmaster said...

Yesterday was great! I learned so much about photography, law, journalism ethics, and about the world for sports broadcasting. The lectures given by Professor Johnson, Dr. Arnold, Professor Hollis, Dr. Bailey, and Dr. Swindell were amazing. It is amazing what a broad world journalism is. I am so glad I chose to attend this workshop and look forward to bringing back all the information I have gathered in my time here.

Chantil Foster said...

I had an amazing time yesterday at Marshall's journalism workshop and anticipate to have a great time again today. The photography class with Professor Rebecca Johnson taught me how to take appropriate pictures of my surroundings. We also discussed all the elements of writing and how to angle the camera just right. I also much enjoyed the lectures of the day. One of my favorites had to be Professor Dan Hollis and his speech on law. Overall, I have had an extraordinary experience here at Marshall. I cannot wait to visit the Herald-Dispatch and learn even more skills to make me a better writer.

gahs2014 said...

Yesterday during the workshop I really enjoyed the photography session the most :-) . Professor Johnson did a very nice job taking us around campus and allowing us to take pictures after watching the slide show on the different elements of photography - I had no idea how many different ones there were!

Professor Arnold talked to us some more about the different rules of writing & grammar - it was quite informative, as well as filled with many stories.

Professor Hollis... what can I say? That man is VERY full of energy! He told us about the laws of journalism.

Although sports broadcasting does not seem like my think, I believe that Dr. Bailey had a very interesting take on all of it. I feel like I learned something from it.

Dr. Swindell is very funny! His lesson on ethics turned out to be quite enjoyable.

Our counselors are both very nice and so are all of the other workshop attendants.

I cannot wait to go to the Herald Dispatch today and I know that the rest of the workshop will be an absolute BLAST!!

-Kimberly Hurt


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