Thursday, September 5, 2013

Corrections Policy: JMC 305

Bloggers, please post a statement about the corrections policy for your blog both here and on your site.


Tom Green said...

No one is perfect, no work flawless. Therefore, any work should be under repeated review.
The district sports arrow is a blog that is comletely aware of it imperfections, and is welcome any and all edits and critiques that are put forth. We encourage any and all readers to report all errors as they see fit. All error reports will be considered and if proven upon overwhelming evidence, corrected and reposted.

Andrea Steele said...

Taylor Michelle said...

Taylor Stuck is committed to accuracy. In order to ensure accuracy, the posts of the blog will be subject to a strict corrections policy.
If any post contains content you feel is inaccurate or is in need of verification, readers are encouraged to comment on the post with the specific mistake.
Any correction will be fixed in the post immediately in the post itself and a separate post will be made to alert readers to any prior correction.

Michelle Hogmire said...


Reporting correct and precise facts is important to the Write News blog.

We're committed to correcting any inaccuracies brought to our attention through comments underneath the blog post containing the error.

All errors will be corrected on the site, and an additional note alerting readers about the correction will be posted on our separate page dealing specifically with corrections.

twolfe9586 said...

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette's policy is to correct mistakes as soon as possible. This includes print and electronic media. The staff attempts not to remove blogs or images unless under certain circumstances, and there is an editors note as to why.

Typical corrections are signified by a footnote or are mentioned in next print publication under a corrections section.

Codi Mohr said...

The corrections policy for SILVER is as follows.

Writers and contributors must be dedicated to the accuracy of writing, photographs and other information posted to this blog. In the case of a mistake, the writer is dedicated to the immediate correction of said mistake. If the mistake is questionable, the writer withholds the right to confer with trusted peers and colleagues on the accuracy of both the claimed inaccuracy and its correction. A corrected post will be immediately removed, edited and reposted including a note pointing out the correction so as changes are evident to all readers.

Sealey_Sports said...

If a reader has question, comments, or suggestions on post corrections you may send an email to Your input is very important and will be considered in future posts. If you find an error in a post and submit it, the information will be reviewed and adjustments to the post will be made accordingly.

Advertisers Anonymous said...

The Advertiser's Anonymous Corrections Policy is as follows: Advertiser's Anonymous is aimed at delivering current, accurate information pertaining to the advertising world. If any mistakes are found in the stories posted here an email for the correction can be sent to Advertiser's Anonymous is committed to accuracy.

Samuel Speciale said...

Posting accurate information, attributions, facts and stats is a central value of The Madhouse on Madison and a guiding factor in the reporting. If for any reason, there is doubt about the accuracy of anything posted, please leave a comment that explains the material in question. I will be sure to acknowledge any mistake and make appropriate corrections if and when needed.

markwilliamsmarshall said...

So sorry to miss class. I haven't been that sick in years. This is not typical of me and I will do everything I can to catch up.


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