Saturday, August 28, 2010

Public records request gone bad...

I love this FOIA request from the public records coordinator in Memphis. Bridgett lost her job, but she wrote a textbook request. I think she'll win if she contests the firing. She only asked for info that should be available to all citizens. The only weakness in her case, in my opinion, is that she made the request during business hours. She shouldn't be conducting her personal business on the clock. She even used her government e-mail account -- another no-no for personal business. But they're not firing offenses. She'll be OK, however, if she was conducting official business, but who would need a coordinator for such an investigation? Reprimand, but no firing.

Don't forget to read her e-mail request posted on the Commercial Appeal site.

1 comment:

Chris Swindell said...

FOIA is misunderstood and underused. We ought to make the b@#$%^s pay for her legal fees to get the job back. And I don't care when she filed the request.


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