Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Covering the nonprofit beat...

Professor Burnis Morris offers some advice to those just starting out on the nonprofit beat.

Nonprofits and Journalism.ppt


jimmyv said...

The site looks great!

Colin said...

Colin Thorn

Ten ways to make the news for a small town Animal Shelter or Humane Society.

1.) Host concert of local band(s).
2.) Host a tour of an animal shelter.
3.) Host a garage sale to raise money.
4.) Have a feature animal for adoption.
5.) Have a city official adopt an animal.
6.) Take animals to area schools.
7.) Enter animals in contests.
8.) Walk animals in parade.
9.) Sponsor animal fair
10.) Fund a public park.

Jayson said...

Jayson Seay

Ten ways to make the news for a local charity.

1. Volunteer time at the habitat for hummanity.
2.Volunteer time for a local soup kitchen.
3.Raise funds for through local churches.
4.Donate clothes to the goodwill.
5.Organize volunteer groups to clean up local commuinty.
6.Donate time and assistance for local nursing homes.
7.Team up with local girl/boy scouts to raise money or awareness.
8.Sponsor spaghetti dinners for the community.
9.Support local school activities.
10.Sponsor and organize a red cross relief incident.

CherieDavis said...

Ten ways to make the news for a local charity
1.Throw a party
2.Have a large organization adopt the charity
3.write a blog about the charity
4.have a bake sale
5.Have a church sponser the charity
6.Have a small contest
7.give away free items
8.have a school help out
9.sponser a local Fair
10. Have a local radio station sponser the organization

Antoine said...

Antoine Cabarrus

10 ways to make the news for your charity.

1.Have a dance
2.Have a Valentines Day dinner
4.Host a basketball tournament
5.Have a famous speaker come in
6.Give an annual scholarship
7.Collect can goods and give to the poor
8.Create a team to go clean the city streets
9.Have your members donate blood
10.Sponser a child to go on a trip

Tiffany said...

Tiffany Bajus
10 Ways for the Make A Wish Foundation to make the news.
1. Host a Fairytale Ball
2. Host a softball game for area businesses.
3. Get local school children invloved by doing a relay race to raise money.
4. Make a wish come true for a local child.
5. Publish a book of some of the wishes granted through the foundation so far.
6. Host a 5K race in the park
7. Host a Holiday dinner/ dance party.
8. Get local business people to volunteer thier time with the organization.
9. Have children share their experience with Make A Wish with those interested in donating.
10. Everyone that donates over a certain period of time could be entered for a chance to win a trip to a amusment park or popular vacation area.

smegma said...
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smegma said...

10 ways to make the news for a charity

1) Have a celebrity host
2) Host a "prom"
3) Join with another charity to fund the local building of a school, church, or whatever'
4)Give a trip to person who donated the most
5)Host a 3-on-3 basketball tournament
6) Throw a party
7) sponsor a kid in Africa
8)create a new flavor of icecream relating to Charity name
9) write a song about charity
10) adopt a pet

whooops forgot to put my name
Megan Archer
JMC 330

Anna Fahrmann said...

Ten ways to make the news for the Huntington New Beginning Pregnancy Care Center (lends out baby items to moms at need):

1.) Partner with the local public library for an infant book drive.
2.) Host reading sessions at the library for toddlers.
3.) Request sponsors for new clients in hand-outs.
4.) Partner with Goodwill as a used item store that lends for free.
5.) Fill a site with diapers to show how many are needed per month by a single baby.
6.) Host an appreciation day for whichever church donates the most money.
7.) Host a kid's jamboree with crafts and games in appreciation of children.
8.) Hand-out slips that look like pacificers at grocery stores in exchange for money from customers (like Jerry's Kids shamrocks).
9.) Show statistics to the local news of how many families are helped.
10.) Report a case study of a family to the local news.

Matt Lynch said...

ten ways to make the news for a local charity

1. throw an awareness party about your cause
2. create a marathon for the event
3. create a commercial or put an ad in the paper about your charity
4. host a flag football league
5. pass out handouts
6. give public speakings
7. create a website on facebook or myspace for the cause
8. sponsor a halftime show at a football game
9. donate money to the local fire department or police station
visit a elementary school and have contest and pass out free prizes to the kids

mike said...

Michael Bergin
good website

10 ways to gave money to your favortie charity
1. Write out a check
2. Have an action
3. Have a food drive
4. Have your friends and family donate money
5. Have a car wash
6. Have business donate money
7. Have a charity dinner with each food plate costing a thousand dollars
8. Donate your time such as hepling to plan events
9.Have a cake walk for money (its like musical chairs)
10. Have lottery tickets, have people buy a five dollar ticket and throw all the tickets in a hat and the winner gets fifty dollars and gave the rest of the money to the charity

Joshua A. said...

Good advice thus far, Prof. Morris. I can't wait to see what things you post on here next! I can vouch firsthand for Morris' helpfulness and extensive knowledge as I had him for a class when I was at MU. If you pay attention to this blog long enough, I'm sure you'll learn plenty of useful tips.

Joshua A. DeLung

johnnyb said...

Johnny Barr

Ten ways to make the news for charity.

1.) Run a race
2.) Donate personal belongings to salvation army/goodwill.
3.) Sponsor a sporting event.
4.) Donate money to the charity.
5.) Put a concert together.
6.) Give a speech during halftime of a game about the charity.
7.) Have a car wash.
8.) Make apparel with charity "logo"
9.) Clean the litter off the streets.
10.) Have a reward for the person who donates the most to the charity.

Nice Site!

Michael said...

Ten ways to make the news:

1)Hold Workshops to educate people about your cause

2)Do promation like a bobble head give away at a local sporting event

3) Walking for a cause like the "3Day" for breast cancer

4)write a short documentary movie about a cause

5) Write a book

6) Radio-a-thon for a cause like St. Judes.

7) Play a sport for a local charity

8) Volunteer at a animal shetler

9) Sponsor a child

10) Endorsment of a cause

lepierson said...

Wow! I am loving these ideas so far (Plus, I'm glad that I'm only commenting and not coming up with a list)!
A group of my friends and I started a non profit over Christmas break, so I'm getting my foot in the door with this kind of thing. After working on both sides of the track, I think the best thing I can emphasize is for the reporters to realize how much of an impact they have — not only in getting the organization exposure — but helping that organization reach their goals and move their cause forward. It's not just your job on the line, it's the cause you're writing for, too.

Good Luck!

Lacie Pierson

Brian said...

Great information in the powerpoint. I would presume that is your tactic when doing a nonprofit beat. It looks rock solid.

Look forward to class today with nonprofits,

Brian Dalek

Sarah E. Easter said...

The site looks really good! I found the list of not-for-profit organizations very helpful. Maybe when I move away I will find on that is on your list and volunteer. And I agree with Brian, your PowerPoint is very helpful!


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